About Ukraine

Ukraine is our home, which we want to share with the rest of the world. Because it so worth it.

It’s a place where old meets new, where breath-taking views are wrapped in deep blue skies. Diverse landscapes, picturesque sights, small ancient cathedrals and giant industrial cities, astonishing nature – we’ve got it all. A bunch of fascinating history facts to keep you amazed, a set of beautiful places to keep you entertained. Yummy meals, lovely national songs and great company of most hospitable people ever.

Ukraine may seem foreign, but it looks like wonder, tastes like heaven and feels like home.

Travel Ukraine today – you’ll defintely love it!

Ukraine Visa Policy for travelers on a tourism purpose: Ukraine Visa Policy.

Kyiv Region

The Capital and the main city of Ukraine. Founded more than 1500 years ago, Kyiv was the Capitol of Kyivan Rus and one of the main cities of the…

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Lviv Region

The most western and European city of Ukraine. The whole ensemble of the Historic Centre of Lviv is the site of UNESCO Worls Heritage. With dozens…

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Odessa Region

Odessa - the one of a kind place on Earth. The essentials of the Odessa spirit is in the sense of humor of Odessa people that was glorified in the lots…

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Carpathians Region

Mountain paths, mountain lakes, waterfalls, hiking, summiting 2000+ peaks including Ukraine`s top point Hoverla, skiing and snowboarding, rafting mountain…

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Kharkiv Region

One of the largest industrial centers of the whole Soviet Union, Kharkiv now keeps its business activity on a strategic level for Ukraine. Besides, as…

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Kherson Region

Kherson is a southern Ukrainian frontier of majestic endless prairies, famous tourist attractions and recreational activities.  While the city itself…

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