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The South

Kherson is a southern Ukrainian frontier of majestic endless prairies, famous tourist attractions and recreational activities.  While the city itself has a profile of a busy industrial port, the nearby local destinations are flocked by enthusiastic travelers hungry for novelty.

Kherson region has a unique location, reaching both Ukrainian Seas — the Black and the Azov ones. It also holds a set of natural one-of-a-kind sights to make “National geographic” envy your souvenir photos.

Enjoy picturesque landscapes of the wildlife in the oldest and largest biosphere reserve in Europe (Askania-Nova), visit the biggest uninhabited European island (Dzharylhach), tour around sand dunes of an actual desert or admire the stunning salty Pink lake — this trip would definitely satisfy your most unusual adventure cravings.

Kherson Walking guided tour
Kherson Walking guided tour

From 29 USD

Before diving deep into the nature wonders of Kherson Region, you should definitely explore the region’s main point: the City of Kherson!

Pink Lake, Sandy Desert and Zebras feeding / 2-days Combo guided tour
Pink Lake, Sandy Desert and Zebras feeding / 2-days Combo guided tour

From 99 USD

Visit three most exciting nature wonders of Kherson Region: real sandy Desert, stunning Pink Lake and feed awesome Zebras in Askania-Nova, the largest biosphere reserve in Europe!

Kherson Grand Canyon Sunset guided tour
Kherson Grand Canyon Sunset guided tour

From 49 USD

Introducing Kherson Grand Canyon: most common name of Kherson mountains, stunning landscape landmark of the whole country!
Prince Trubetskoy Winery guided tour
Prince Trubetskoy Winery guided tour

From 39 USD

Visit Legendary Prince Trubetskoy Winery, that in 1900 was awarded Grand-prix on the International exhibition in Paris! Nowadays Prince Trubetskoy Winery is a boutique winery that produces 14 types of sophisticated wines.

Dzharylhach Island land-and-ferry Transportation / for DIY-Camping Lovers
Dzharylhach Island land-and-ferry Transportation / for DIY-Camping Lovers

From 49 USD

If at least sometimes tiny tent on the seashore is better for you than fancy downtown residence - Island Dzharylhach is a place to be for you!

Photosession with local Photographer
Photosession with local Photographer

From 69 USD

Take your memories of exciting trip to Kherson with you! Professional photograph will aсcompany you to any tour of the Kherson Region and make your memories never fade away with 1-hour of professional photosession

Travel Ukraine Today | Kherson

Vacation in Kherson – the city of Kherson just was created for relax. Great views of Dnipro lagoon and the Black Sea – all of that sets perfect conditions for beach resorts and seaside activities. Developed infrastructure includes fancy hotels and modern touristic complexes, restaurants and bars, nightclubs and sport facilities. If you wish to relax and get tons of great emotions – you should definitely go to Kherson!

Touristic Kherson – is a source of cultural, archeological and architecture spots. This is a place where modern art develop rapidly as well as cultural heritage of past centuries is carried very carefully. You will see monuments to the prominent personalities and beautiful architectural monuments, iconic structures and local landmarks. You surely should visit palaces, museums, theatres, cinemas of the city and take part in the local festivals.

Where to go.

Tourism in Kherson stays popular all over the year. Of course, more than the other seasons, summer attracts lots of tourists. Nobody can resist and not to try river and sea beaches there. Sun, sand and clear water, European service and sophisticated kitchen, lots of fun and wide choice of activities for the whole family. All of that as well as hospitality of the locals attracts thousands of tourists!

Attractions in Kherson and around Kherson:

  • Walking tour around city center.
  • Visiting palaces, cultural spots, theatres and cinemas.
  • Visiting museums and galleries.
  • Flight in aircraft or helicopter, Skydiving.
  • Yacht cruise.
  • Doing water sports.
  • Kayaking.
  • Fishing.
  • Visiting SPA.
  • Visiting bars, nightclubs and restaurants.
  • Sports.
  • Walking, Horse-riding and Cycling.
  • Attraction parks, zoo, attractions for kids and adults.
  • Strikeball and Paintball.
  • Motorcycling, ATV and Carting.
  • Hiking, tours.
  • Beaches, beach hotels.

Kherson landmarks excites. You should surely see the ruins of ancient fortress and old houses of Black Sea Hospital and Admiral Arsenal, and visit St. Catherine’s Cathedral. Lots of structures of the city center were built in XIX century, that is why they attracts with their architecture. You should definitely pay attention to Kherson TV-Tower, the Adziogol Lighthouse. Even more of exciting places awaiting you in Kherson Oblast.

What to see.

Kherson tours from

  • “Kherson Walking guided tour” – het to know the city and its history. Learn many interesting facts about Kherson, feel its beauty and landmarks. Busy port city, that was founded in 1778, keeps lots of mysteries and interesting places.
  • “Pink Lake, Sandy Desert and Zebras feeding / 2-days Combo guided tour” – not only the city but the whole Kherson Region – fantastic land. There are a lot of fascinating locations that are just breathtaking. The best of them are Desert Oleshky Sands, biosphere reserve Askania-Nova and Henichesk Pink Lake.
  • “Kherson Grand Canyon Sunset guided tour” – it’s wonderful, but we may explore the mountains not only in the West of Ukraine but also in the Southern steppes. Kherson mountains – true natural masterpiece, they are situated in the Dnipro-Buh lagoon, that flows into the Black Sea. This location is not only famous with its beauty, but also with its archeological value: ruins of the Greek ancient city of Olbia are situated not far from here.
  • “Prince Trubetskoy Winery guided tour” – keeps the history of wine-making. Prince Trubetskoy was a landlord, he was owner of lots of lands in Kherson Province. He jas a dream to produce wine that would be as good as French wine. With the help of the famous Lev Holicyn, he produced the wine that in 1900 won the Golden Award in World Exhibition in Paris! Prince Trubetskoy Winery nowadays produces one of the best wines in Ukraine.
  • “Dzharylhach Island land-and-ferry Transportation / for DIY-Camping Lovers” – feel the special connection with nature. Dzharylhach Island is situated in the waters of Black Sea not far from Kherson Region seashore. It is fantastic place for vacation and it is especially perfect for the Camping Lovers. We offer all the necessary staff: transportation, ferry, and all other service. Wild nature, sandy beaches and endless sea awaiting for you.
  • “Photosession with local Photographer” – keep the memories of you travel. Professional photograph is for your service for 1 hour photosession. Hundreds of fantastic shots in the best locations of Kherson Region!
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