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Industrial and Сultural Hub

One of the largest industrial centers of the whole Soviet Union, Kharkiv now keeps its business activity on a strategic level for Ukraine. Besides, as Kharkiv was the first capitol of Ukraine it always had huge sceintific and cultural influence on the country's agenda. Today Kharkiv is a modern European city which attracts thousands of tourists with its soviet-style architecture and strong historical heritage, like The Annunciation Cathedral. While there, you should defintely let yourself to relax in the best Ukrainian golf-club with fantastic SPA and restaurants!
Kharkiv walking guided tour
Kharkiv walking guided tour

From 29 USD

Essentials of Kharkiv in one full-day tour! Explore the biggest square of Europe, the best parks in Ukraine and the most monumental Opera Theatre in the World.

Soviet Legacy Architecture guided tour
Soviet Legacy Architecture guided tour

From 29 USD

Kharkiv is one of the most important Industrial hubs of the Soviet Union. So Kharkiv is full of soviet Constructivism and Brutalist architecture! Don't miss a chance to explore it with our Signature tour.
Jewish Kharkiv Signature guided tour
Jewish Kharkiv Signature guided tour

From 69 USD

Open one more side of Kharkiv - city where Jewish community influenced the city-life significantly in XIX-XX centuries!


Kharkiv Superior Golf Resort Full-day escape
Kharkiv Superior Golf Resort Full-day escape

From 49 USD

Golf, SPA, delicious food: Superior Golf Resort opens its doors for fantastic relax day! 20 minutes from the city center and you are right in Superior Golf & SPA Resort.

Kharkiv Gourmet Ukraininan cuisine tour
Kharkiv Gourmet Ukraininan cuisine tour

From 49 USD

Must-have experience: distinctive Ukrainian cuisine. Borsch, salo, banosh, varenyky and others delicious national cuisine are waiting for you.

Kharkiv Bar Crawl tour
Kharkiv Bar Crawl tour

From 39 USD

Kharkiv is famous for its Universities so it's pretty much Students City. Here is why the nightlife of Kharkiv is in full swing! Follow us to a Kharkiv bar crawl.

Kharkiv Superior Golf Resort 2-day escape
Kharkiv Superior Golf Resort 2-day escape

From 139 USD

Take all the advantages of Superior Golf Resort: the luscious green golf course, lake with its white swans, deciduous forest with 5* facilities and SPA! And all of that right in the best Golf Resorts in Ukraine.
Kharkiv city-style Photosession with local Photographer
Kharkiv city-style Photosession with local Photographer

From 99 USD

Take your memories of exciting trip to Kharkiv with you! 1 hour photoshoot with local professional photographer will be great way to feel this family or romantic moment.

Travel Ukraine Today | Kharkiv

Touristic Kharkiv – very beautiful modern city. It succeeded to keep the heritage of past ages, but always facilitating the innovations and progress. Nowadays Kharkiv is industrial, scientific and business center of Ukraine. There are 140 research centers, 45 Universities, 80 libraries, 16 museums and 5 galleries, lots of architecture monuments and leisure areas, city is full of parks. Its historical, cultural and scientific heritage has a huge impact not only on Ukraine, but the whole World.

Holidays in Kharkiv – the thing you need! It is full of all the types of attractions and Kharkiv is never-ending fun. If you wish to feel the non-stop fun and get a lot of bright emotions – you should definitely go to Kharkiv!

Where to go.

Tourism in Kharkiv is actual regardless the season. It may impress in all the seasons: in summer, autumn, winter and in spring. Moreover touristic infrastructure in the city is booming, that is why if you have been to Kharkiv 5 years ago, it is time to come again: new adventures awaiting for you!

Attractions in Kharkiv:

  • City tours, local landmarks.
  • Visit the Philharmonic, Opera Theater, Drama Theater and Cinema.
  • Tours to museums and galleries.
  • Diving.
  • Visiting SPA.
  • Helicopter ride, skydiving.
  • Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub.
  • Bowling, Billiards and Golf.
  • Sports.
  • Zoo and Dolphinarium.
  • Attractions park for kids and adults.
  • Fishing.
  • Horse riding.
  • Shooting gallery, paintabll and strikeball.
  • Motocycles, ATV, Carting.
  • Balloon.
  • Skating.
  • Climbing center.
  • Aquapark.

Kharkiv landmarks number is just uncountable. There are lots of things to do and so many of different attractions so all the guests of the city find activities for themselves. But in order to make your travel easier you should cooperate with the local guide.

What to see.

Kharkiv Tours with

  • “Kharkiv Half-day guided walking tour” – get to know the city and its locals, know lots of interesting facts about its life and life of prominent personalities, enjoy the architectyre ensemble beauty. Visit the city landmarks and cultural centers.
  • “Soviet Legacy Architecture guided tour” – USSR times had dramatic influence on the city, exactly then the industrial direction of the development of the city was set. You will have great chance to feel the scale and heritage of that ages.
  • “Jewish Kharkiv Signature guided tour” – know the culture and history of Jewish community of Kharkiv, explore its impact on the city identity based on the stories about the prominent personalities.
  • “Kharkiv Superior Golf Resort Full-day escape” – great chance to relax in the best possible luxury facilities. Feel the atmosphere of calmness, try the delicious dishes and unique drinks during the Golf-tour.
  • “Kharkiv Gourmet Ukraininan cuisine tour” – try Ukrainian cuisine with the Kharkiv spirit, take the advantages of the local recipes. Diverse and original cuisine offers lots of fantastic meals. It is impossible to resist, so you will definitely keep some recipes with you back home.
  • “Kharkiv Bar Crowl tour” – have fun and relax with your friends or find new ones. Kharkiv bars never sleep so they always welcome!
  • “Kharkiv Superior Golf Resort 2-day escape” – a place where all the fantasies come true. You will be hosted in 5-stars hotel with all the kind of services. Play golf and tennis, relax in the bar or restaurant, SPA-Wellness center or in the pool – everything there is designed for you.
  • “Kharkiv city-style Photosession with local Photographer” – keep your memories of this trip on the photographs of the professional photographer. Tens of high-quality photographs with landmarks and touristic locations will bring you back to this trip again.
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