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Pearl by the Sea

Odessa - the one of a kind place on Earth. The essentials of the Odessa spirit is in the sense of humor of Odessa people that was glorified in the lots of songs, films, novels and other folk art. One of the richest cities of the whole continent for almost 200 years, Odessa now keeps its bohemian lifestyle combining it with special spirit of local people and the salty air of the Black Sea. Must-have impression there is the walk with the professional guide over the historical center and backyards full of urban legends and visit one of the most beautiful Opera Houses in the World!
Odessa Half-day guided walking tour
Odessa Half-day guided walking tour

From 49 USD

Half-day walking tour is a great chance to overview Odessa city center and significant Landmarks.

Odessa Black Sea Private Yacht cruise
Odessa Black Sea Private Yacht cruise

From 69 USD

Have a look at Odessa from a Black Sea! Comfortable private yacht, sea breeze and sea salty air - feel that moment to relax.

Akkerman Fortress and Local Winery Full-day guided tour
Akkerman Fortress and Local Winery Full-day guided tour

From 119 USD

XIII-century Akkerman fortress is very well preserved till nowadays! And Shabo winery that was founded by Swiss emigrants in 1822 will be great way to explore wine traditions of the region on the way back to Odessa.

Odessa Backyards Signature guided tour
Odessa Backyards Signature guided tour

From 49 USD

Odessa was one of the richest cities of the continent for 200 years and its backyards still keeps lots of secrets! Discover Odessa backyards with signature tour by one of the best Odessa-researchers.
Odessa Catacombs guided tour
Odessa Catacombs guided tour

From 29 USD

Take an exciting journey to the Odessa catacombs! Experienced pro-guide will lead the path of tunnels and caves that totally combines to 2,500km labyrinth.
Vylkove and Danube Delta guided Full-day tour
Vylkove and Danube Delta guided Full-day tour

From 99 USD

Take a chance to explore picturesque Vilkovo - a small town situated on a huge network of channels right where Danube ends his way to Black Sea.

Odessa Bar Crawl tour
Odessa Bar Crawl tour

From 49 USD

Odessa is a leading sea resort in all Black Sea! Nightlife here is incredible with uncountable amount of bars and nightclubs! Follow us to Odessa bar crawl.

Odessa Gourmet Black Sea cuisine tour
Odessa Gourmet Black Sea cuisine tour

From 59 USD

Odessa is summer gastronomic capitol of Ukraine! Join us to try the best Odessa Black sea food.
Odessa city-style Photosession with local Photographer
Odessa city-style Photosession with local Photographer

From 99 USD

Take your memories of exciting trip to Odessa with you! 1 hour photoshoot with local professional photographer will be great way to feel this family or romantic moment.

Travel Ukraine Today | Odessa

Touristic Odessa – the sea by the sea, that meets you with great sea sceneries, fresh air, huge beaches and warm sunshine. There are plenty things to do in Odessa, you definitely wouldn’t get bored! On the beaches you may find lots of attractions and the City itself offers tons of options for joyful leisure. That is why not only in summer, but all the year round there are thousands of tourists coming to Odessa from all over the World. As you see, you surely should visit it.

Holidays in Odessa – unforgettable journey. Funny and kind people live there, so you will not get bored here, as all the local have great sense of humor in their DNA! The center of the city included to the UNESCO World Heritage, there are lots of architecture monuments here. And in terms of beaches and the sea, there are plenty of tourists visiting it.

Where to go.

Tourism in Odessa is unbelievably developed, you may find it hard to choose some activities among tens of Odessa offers, as you wish to try it all. There are a lot of activities by the sea and in the city center, as it is rich for architecture monuments, museums and galleries, churches and cathedrals. There are lots of parks, green areas, bars and restaurants, theatres and attraction parks, zoo and even a film studio.

Attractions in Odessa:

  • Tours in the city center and around the city.
  • Helicopter flight.
  • Yacht cruise.
  • Aircraft flight, skydiving.
  • Zoo, aquarium and oceanarium.
  • Water games with dolphins.
  • Bicycle and Horse riding.
  • Visiting Opera House, Philharmonic, Doll Theater, Drama Theater and cinema.
  • Bars, restaurants and nightclubs
  • Sport and Gambling.
  • Relax on the public beach and on the private club beach.
  • SPA
  • Visiting museums, galleries and art-centers
  • Fishing.
  • Paintball, Strikeball and Shooting gallery
  • Visiting Circus
  • Visiting shows of professional artists
  • Live shows and concerts
  • Attractions and Leisure centers
  • Odessa catacombs

All the Odessa landmarks are diverse and interesting, they definitely worth your attention, but you may find it hard to choose among them and manage it. The best way to do it is to have local guide, who arranges everything for you so you may just relax and fell the spirit of this marvelous city.

What to see.

Odessa tours with https://travelukraine.today/.

  • “Odessa Half-day guided walking tour” – great opportunity to feel the city landscape full of green and with fantastic sea views. Explore architectural monuments and centuries-old Odessa heritage.
  • “Odessa Black Sea Private Yacht cruise” – ride a yacht by the Odessa shores. Explore new spots and take a look at Odessa from the special perspective. Romantic sea cruise makes this special moment fantastic.
  • “Akkerman Fortress and Local Winery Full-day guided tour” – the mighty gates of great fortress will appear in front of you. From the walls and towers of the fortress you may see breathtaking views. Explore the fortress and its artifacts. Continue tours in the Shabo winery, find out lots of new facts of wine production and taste the best of it!
  • “Odessa Backyards Signature guided tour” – take a deep dive into the streets of Odessa, feel the spirit of past and modernity that is soars on Odessa streets. Each backyards hides lots of exciting stories and legends.
  • “Odessa Catacombs guided tour” – take a view of the biggest labyrinth in the World and explore it. Tunnel strings of 2500-katacomds covers lots of mysteries and legends.
  • “Vilkove `Ukrainian Venice` guided Full-day tour” – trip to the city on the water. Its buildings lies on lots of islands, washed with Danube waters. You will be impressed bi its beauty.
  • “Odessa Bar Crowl tour” – you will be able to relax and have a great time, meet new people. Have fun, relax, feel the moments – Odessa is the city of endless fun!
  • “Odessa Gourmet Black Sea cuisine tour” – the biggest Ukrainian port supplies the city with the best seafood, that is why local cuisine is full of delicious food. You should definitely try this finest and delicious food.
  • “Odessa city-style Photosession with local Photographer” – photographs from the vacation. Surely you will keep all the great moments in your memory, but the best way is to keep it on the paper. Show to your friends, family the beauty of Odessa!
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