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Hi! My name is Robert and my main passion is travelling. I have been to a lot of countries on all the continents and and I have a dream: to share my amazing country with the whole World. 

With this mission we together with a few link-minded friends launched TravelUkraine.today - the first DIY touristic operator that makes it super-easy to manage professionally-organized trip to Ukraine. It takes you around 30 clicks to arrange a holiday with transportation, accomodation, tons of activities all over the country with local guides and get all the 24/7 support during your trip.

How does it work? Like this: 

1. Define the dates of your trip.
2. Pick regions you wish to go (up to 6 regions of Ukraine now).
3. Select activities in that regions, we offer more than 50 various activities now: Day-tours with Pro Guides, City-tours, Gastro-, Ski-, Heli-, Boat-tours, bar crawls and much more!
4. Answer a few questions with selecting corresponding fields, to help us finalise your trip.

And that’s it! We will combine all your activities with accommodations and transportations, fit it all to your dates and you may start packing your bags.


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